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'Slow Making'. The making of a dollshouse can't be rushed. My mint green creation took weeks to make and I enjoyed creating every last detail. I'm currently designing the front which will be handpainted with my own ornate illustrations of my favourite flower: The Bird of Paradise. It's 95cm high and 77cm wide. Once you start, you get in the 'zone' and I'm still adding rooms and furniture. Click on the YouTube logo at the bottom to view a short video 'Creative Dollshouses by Elizabeth' and more of my videos.

The Beauty Room

On the first floor, it contains:

  • Small wooden Dresser Table
  • Floor standing wooden Mirror
  • Hat Box
  • "Bird Uncaged' Jewellery Box including copper beaded necklace and gold bracelets
  • Hand mirror, afro comb and hot comb
  • Madam CJ Walker Hair Ointment
  • Three glass bead perfume bottles
  • Framed portrait of a Victorian woman
  • Faux crocodile skin clutch bag with diamante clasp

Walls are decorated with illustrations of Josephine Baker with banana leaves. The carpet is made from an offcut of floral embroidered silk fabric.

© Elizabeth Joseph 2022

The Dining Area

I'm still making items for this room, it's next to the Beauty Room and it contains:

  • A yellow wooden kitchen cabinet
  • Glass jars with seasonings
  • A miniature macrame hanging
  • Barbados plates and tray made from air clay and printed paper

This wallpaper is a repeat pattern I created in Photoshop; 'Mango Trees'. The floor is a printout of patterned tiles, bit I think I'll change it and use an actual wood effect floor tile that I'll cut up into individual floorboards. There'll be a dining table with Caribbean style table decorations and wooden painted chairs.

Art Gallery and event space

On the ground floor, this is also a room in progress, (aren't all dollshouses?) it will have a miniature exhibition, the theme I haven't decided on yet, and a haberdashery. There'll also be a miniature Zine wall where I'll have tiny paper zines on display. If you'd like to collaborate, just let me know and your artwork can be on display in the first exhibition of 2021! The back wall will change colours with each exhibition. The 'wooden' floorboards are made from varnished cardboard using a sander to give a worn-in look.

Two rooms on the second floor

These two rooms are smaller: one will possibly be a 'music room' so will have miniature vinyl records, record player, sofas. The other one might be a Library with quotes from my favourite poems and books in miniature bound leather books. There's also a miniature 'dollshouse in a dollshouse' based on a typical Barbadian single storey home, reminiscent of my Great Aunt's home when we stayed in Barbados.

Lighting: The whole house will be lit with dimmable LED bulbs fit into handmade lampshades on the ceilings. It will be powered using a standard UK plug. And, why don't we see dollshouses with street art? Stay in the loop and you can follow my journey...

What would your dream dollshouse be like?

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© Elizabeth Joseph 2022