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Make your own Miniature (dollshouse-sized) version of the Drinks Cabinet from The Front Room, curated by Artist, Curator and Playwright Dr. Michael McMillan.

Above: The Front Room on display at The Museum of The Home. The Rooms Through Time are based on real London homes. Curated by Michael McMillan, the 1970s Front Room explores the migrant experience of African-Caribbean families setting up home in the UK in the mid-20th century.

Make your own miniature version of the Drinks Cabinet...

© Elizabeth Joseph 2022

The Workshop is designed and facilitated by Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth is an experienced creative Workshop Designer and Facilitator.


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12pm - 4pm


The Museum of the Home, 136 Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA

(Entrance is opposite Hoxton Station)

Price per person:

£65 (includes Cocktails)

Measurements of the Cabinet: Height: 18cm, Width: 16cm, Depth: 6cm.
The scale is 1:10

All materials are provided: Plywood, acrylic, mirror Perspex, wood stain, hinges, card, gift bag.

Elizabeth will guide you as you make your own miniature Drinks Cabinet, complete with mirror decoration, hinged doors and two shelves.

Each person will personalise their miniature Drinks Cabinet with a collage on the inside back panel. All pictures and collage materials are provided, and you can also bring small flat items (like a feather, piece of fabric, leaf/dried flower or photo) to use in your collage if you wish.

After the Workshop there are Caribbean cocktails where Elizabeth will be on hand to chat about the inspiration behind her dollshouse and miniatures projects and why she founded The Black Girl Dollshouse Club (which is open to all). Listen to her ideas on how to make your own miniatures based on objects with personal heritage and value that you own.


Start time: 12pm
The event starts with a viewing of The Front Room. The Curator Michael McMillan will also be available for questions and discussion regarding his creative process behind the creation of the Caribbean Front Room.

12.30pm: WORKSHOP
The Workshop will take place in the elegant Plain English Kitchen:

Elizabeth will guide you as you make your item. (You will be painting your cabinet so please don’t wear your favourite white silk shirt!)

Caribbean cocktails and miniature chitchat where you can ask Elizabeth questions about how she got started in the world of dollshouse miniatures. Do you have a special item that you can imagine miniature-sized? Elizabeth can advise how you could make it.

The Workshop area will adhere to social distancing rules. All materials including gloves, brushes etc are either reusable or recyclable.

Please email Elizabeth with any queries at:

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© Elizabeth Joseph 2022